You made me think that I was naive
So I stayed, listening to you
To grow into something else

When in fact you challenged me
To change myself
And I didn’t know better

Because back then
I didn’t know to stay true
To what i believed in
Had never had someone else
Wasn’t ready with myself
To protect who I am

Today I know different
And that you were so jealous
And maybe that’s why
You took on a role of a boss

Du skapade en bild i min hjärna
Som jag trodde var jag
Nu när jag levt vidare
Ser jag att jag har andra krav
På personer, på relationer
Och på mig själv
Jag ser mina styrkor
Från ett annat perspektiv
Jag ser min vilja
Den får mer tid
Jag ser mig själv
Med mer stil

the more me, that i am
the more he, wanna have 
me close to him
with every part, bit and piece
that i am
he stands tall right beside me

never tried to fight my day
never thought to change my way

i wouldn’t be who i am
if i didn’t come home to you
you make me go all the way
by seeing me the way you do
like i am more than myself
when i have you

the love in you
how you make me
the obvious reason
the obvious choice
the obvious person
to love and hold

because you make everything so easy
and so,
all the things i used to have to fight for
now comes naturally